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Designing the future of healthcare.


We turn insights into action. 

Lanternalia helps digital health companies make smart decisions based on understanding their users and how they interact with the company's products and services. 

Good design starts with understanding people. Through various research methods that directly involve your target users and meet your business needs, Lanternalia generates actionable insights that translate to impactful decisions that support your bottom line. 

Communication is the heartbeat of every health interaction.

It doesn't matter if you are developing a VR simulation, a medication adherence chatbot, or a nutrition coaching app: If you are going to use technology to help your users take action along their personal health journey, you need to integrate simple, clear communication into the design of your technology. Lanternalia can work with your digital health company to design impactful user experience content to clearly articulate your value to users across every product touchpoint.  

Lanternalia's Principal is Amanda Kennedy, who spent five years working at digital health companies in content and research roles before launching her own consultancy.

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Pittsburgh, PA and the world.





Exploratory research

To better understand the needs, goals, motivations, and behaviors of your target users and the healthcare problem space that your product aims to solve, we can utilize a mix of design research methods, depending on the business and project goals.

evaluative research

Whether it is a prototype or an already launched version, we will put your product in front of users and have them walk through specific scenarios and tasks to understand if your product fits users' needs and is easy to use. 

User Experience research strategy

Is your digital health company interested in building and scaling a user experience research practice? We can work with you to develop a strategy for making it happen.

content design + strategy

We can develop a strategy and/or design content for your digital health product  to clearly articulate the value of your product in plain language across every product touchpoint.



I had the chance to work with Amanda while she lead projects ranging from strategic ethnographic studies to meticulous usability sessions. Amanda has a voracious appetite for exploring new research methods while also honing her core research skills. She’s one of the most naturally empathetic people I’ve met and is always willing to speak up and champion users when she knows it’s in the best interest of the product.
— Sajid Reshamwala, Director of Design, Addapp


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